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QR Code Marketing

There has been a massive increase in the number of people using QR codes in their everyday life - from checking into venues, quick links to restaurant menus etc, QR codes are now common place - this provides dealers with a great opportunity to assist customers when dealing with their websites and making it easy to submit Google Reviews.

How can I use QR codes in my business?

How can I use QR codes in my business?

There are countless opportunities to use QR codes within your business and we can provide the set-up, design and support required to make sure each QR code takes customers to the right pages and sections of your website and especially Google Reviews.

How can i get more customers to submit Google Reviews?

How can i get more customers to submit Google Reviews?

Its the ongoing problem all dealers face - how can you get more people to submit Google Reviews to dilute some of the low scores and add credibility to your business with a higher volume of reviews being displayed?


QR Codes provide the answer:


1. Unique QR code for each dealer location and Google My Business listing

2. When scanned, the direct link to the Google My Business review page appears
3. Fast and easy submission for the customer

4. Reporting system to provide data on number of scans, location of scan and device platform used

Where will the customer find these QR codes to scan?

We recommend populating a number of places with your unique QR code:


1. Service reception - poster and/or card on the counter for easy scan
2. Print on invoices/receipts - every aftersales customer gets one, include the QR code on the document and they can scan and submit in an instant

3. Showrooms - posters and on reception counters, handover documents, business cards

4. Events - use different QR codes for each event location and review how many scans are carried out during each event


Each QR code can point the customer to a different URL/landing page so you can monitor outdoor events effectiveness and view the number of scans to measure how many people are responding to your events.

Used Car QR Code Links - Your Silent Sales Team

Used Car QR Code Links - Your Silent Sales Team
  • Do you know how many people visit your used car forecourt out of hours?
  • Do you know how many people visit your used car forecourt, browse and are not seen by a sales person?


You might just be surprised!


Many customers still like to browse used car forecourts out of hours, avoiding sales staff and taking their time deciding which vehicle might be right for them.


With the explosion of QR usage seen during the pandemic, many people are using QR codes to get straight to the information they need, safely.


Using a unique QR code for EVERY used car results in people quickly scanning and then clicking on the link of the used car to find out all the details, specificiations and finance examples displayed on your used vehicle record - its that simple and easy to use, customers will scan and discover whilst your business is closed plus when all your sales teams are busy with other customers - the QR code is your "silent sales person", 24 hours per day.

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Drive up your Google My Business reviews in one easy step with QR codes!

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