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Sales Mapping Tool

Pin Point Where You Sell - Target Your Media Efforts To Hot Spots

Focus On Your Drive-Time Sales Areas

Focus On Your Drive-Time Sales Areas

Once we have run our Sales Mapping Tool using your sales data, we will be able to find out exactly where you sell, where your typical demographic hot spots are and then we can focus your marketing spend on the areas that will yield you the best return.


Marketing has often been seen as a bottomless pit with scattergun approaches but not we can actually define your sales areas and target your spend in these key hot spots.


This will increase your focus, increase your enquiry rate and crucially, your return on investment - its a Hyperclicks tool that helps you grow your business.

Search, Locate, Find, Refine

Running Google Adword Campaigns carries a responsibility to ensure that you are spending your click-money in the right places at the right time.

We can now run "Sales Location Mapping" events to overlay your customer sales using your postcode locations against the Google location data of your clicks.
This allows us to identify your key selling hot-spot areas and therefore tailor your campaigns to ensure you are in the top ranking positions for the relevant keywords in the key sales areas.

Case Study: Retail Client

A retail client has been targeting large areas of the UK as they represent a well-known brand which generates numerous searches.

After a period of time we gained sales data from them so we could look at where they are actually selling their products and we mapped this against search data from their Google Adword Account.
This instantly highlighted that there were areas which generated a reasonable volume of searches but with very low clicks and hence sales - these areas we reduced the maximum cost per click but in areas that produced good search and click volumes, we increased the maximum cost per click bids to ensure a higher level of exposure.
By establishing the Sales Hot-Spots and overlaying the search data we are now able to target key selling areas and reduce our exposure in territories that a low performance drivers.
The result is a more focused campaign, higher click-through-ratio and overall improvement in the accounts performance and effectiveness

Working with Facts - Not Fiction

In association with our clients we are mapping sales against search data locations which is leading to refining our location bids and target territories - increasing conversions and leading to a higher return on investment.

Couple this mapping with enhanced campaigns and conversion tracking and we have a powerful tool to tackle your individual markets in your key selling areas - right down to the right postcode.
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