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Google Reporting Suite 

Google Adwords and Google Analytics provide a wealth of information about your online campaigns, your website visitors and your overall digital performance.

It has always been a challenge to provide the right amount of information to clients - not too much but not too little.

With our new Reporting Module we can now build a bespoke report that brings together your Google Adwords data AND your Google Analytics data - all in one dynamic, clear, concise and meaningful report driven through a single online link.

We commit to build a reporting suite that incorporates everything that you need and want to know - all your key data across Google Adwords and Google Analytics, all in one, simple place.


The information you will see can be downloaded for your own use plus we tailor slides to meet manufacturer data requests - all this can be accessed using a single URL PLUS you can amend data ranges to extract historical data as well as live data, including todays statistics.

Looking for a demonstration?

Looking for a demonstration?

We would be delighted to show you a demonstration of how this report works and we can even build you a bespoke package which will show you exactly how we will report to you - its transparent, its easy and its totally flexible PLUS its a free service when you engage Hyperclicks as your Google Adwords partner.

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