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Vehicle Ads Campaigns - Now Live

Vehicle ads are a performance-focused, lower funnel ad format which allows auto advertisers to promote their entire inventory of vehicles to interested customers shopping for vehicles on Google. This format shows customers an image of the vehicle with important information such as make, model, price, mileage and advertiser name. Showing inventory of available vehicles enriches the customer's purchase experience and provides more qualified leads for auto advertisers.

Used Cars on All Google Platforms:

Used Cars on All Google Platforms:

Used Car Digital Marketing Moves To Include Google Shopping - One Click To Vehicle Record Page

Dominate Your Digital Space - LIVE Client Search Results:

Dominate Your Digital Space - LIVE Client Search Results:

The filtering is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Google will serve the most relevant vehicle in your stock to the customer search query - this enables your LIVE used car stock to be shown ahead of your competition based upon the searchers location, previous search history, purchasing intent and profiling.

No purchasing of "slots", no monthly fixed fees, no binding contracts - all based upon a Pay-Per-Click model so display your latest used car stock at the top of Google Search results for FREE and only pay a small fee if someone clicks on the ads and lands on your website used vehicle record and thereby ensures you get the click, not another website portal ie AutoTrader etc

Vehicle Ads - The Benefits:

Vehicle ads help advertisers drive sales by optimising for both online conversions (leads) and offline conversions (shop visits).

Clicking on a vehicle ad will take the customer to the vehicle description page (VDP) on your website. From there, they can perform additional actions such as contacting the dealer, filling in a lead form, etc. before visiting the dealership.


Vehicle ads help you get in front of vehicle shoppers online at the right moment, with the right listings and information to move them closer to a purchase. Key benefits include:

  • More qualified leads: Showing customers key information and visuals about the car before they click, helps provide more qualified leads
  • Omnichannel goals: Optimise for both online conversions (leads) and offline conversions (shop visits)
  • Automated targeting: Vehicle ads show your most relevant listings for a related user query
  • Your live stock displayed at the top of Google Search listings for free - only pay a small cost per click following a customer action
  • Keep the customer click data on your website - not a 3rd party used car portal ie AutoTrader etc
  • No contracting to used car "slots", irrespective of whether you get any clicks or not - only pay when someone clicks on your ads and lands on your used vehicle record

We have managed to navigate a client through the application process and swicthed them on live in December 2023 whilst still in the BETA process - be one of the first to join this exciting new campaign and talk to Hyperclicks - we can help!

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