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Who Are Hyperclicks?

Mike Carter worked for 25 years within the motor industry starting as a trainee car sales consultant in 1983. He quickly became a top-selling salesman and by the age of 24yrs he had been promoted to the Sales Managers role.

Following extensive training and development he became recognised as one of the leading Sales Managers in the Vauxhall franchise and represented the dealer network on various Specialist Committees including New Vehicle Marketing Specialist Committee, Network Q Used Car Specialist Committee, GMAC Vauxhall Finance Specialist Committee and eventually became the Chairman of the London Marketing Committee.

Mike's creative passion for new ideas led to him embracing the internet and he became an early adopter of the new world of online marketing. He was credited with setting up the very first regional website for a dealer network with the development of the www.vx220london.com site which was designed and powered by 21st Century Internet - Hyperclicks current partner. This was ground breaking - 6 London dealers contributing to a regional website promoting a specialist sports car.

He progressed to becoming a Sales & Aftersales Director of a Vauxhall and Honda dealergroup based in London and became the Dealer Principal of the Honda franchise.

He could foresee the impact the world wide web would have on the motor industry and other industries and trained as a Google Specialist.

It became very clear that there were a number of businesses that had invested in a new website but did not recognise that a website is a "living" entity - it needs to be updated, refreshed, developed and maintained to continue to engage clients and prospects alike.

This led to the inevitable step of setting up a new company to assist businesses to manage their websites PLUS then promote their offers across the Google search network - Hyperclicks was born.

Latest Clients

Latest Clients

Hyperclicks objectives are very simple:

  • INVEST - in a new website built by specialist SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company such as 21st Century Internet.
  • MANAGE - the site as regularly as possible with professional graphics, meaningful text content and powerful offers.
  • PROMOTE - the website across the search engines, but particularly Google who take over 90% of website searches. 
  • MEASURE - the response rates, sales patterns and return on investments through simple effective reporting.
Hyperclicks can assist you with ALL of the above - the only way to online success is to follow the simple steps above.
You are not sure its that simple? Contact us and we will guarantee to show you how.
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