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Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions allow advertisers to target users specifically within their Gmail accounts with a mix of text and image ads. According to CNN Money, there were over 500 million Gmail users during 2014 and this number continues to grow at a rapid rate. More and more advertisers are taking advantage of this growing audience by using Gmail Sponsored Promotions to provide relevant and targeted messaging to their target market.

What About GSP Results?

GSP has been a great channel for generating incremental leads to complement search and display for our clients.
Below are results after running GSP for nearly two months of behalf of one of our clients:
  • GSP had an external cost per click that was 72.6% cheaper than their non-branded search campaigns.
  • GSP had a cost per conversion that was 51% cheaper than their non-branded search campaigns.
  • GSP also led to thousands of “saves” and “forwards” that can’t be measured by traditional search and display advertising campaigns.

Try GSP Campaigns

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is definitely a great channel to test out and budget for in 2015 if you have not already tried it. Not only is GSP great for generating awareness with your target market, it’s also a great way to drive incremental conversions. 

We have seen the most success with GSP when your location targeting has a larger reach; if you’re trying GSP for a few counties or smaller cities, you might struggle to find the reach you need for the time and effort that’s involved in creating the GSP ads.

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