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Google Marketing - Is It Time To Review?

There has never been a better time to take stock of your digital strategy and review your performance - the world has changed, digital marketing has propelled itself to the front of the marketing platform queue and the rise of online sales can be seen in every industry - it has been predicted that "online sales have advanced by 5 years in just a few COVID months" by leading marketing executives - now is the time to review and act. 

Making Sense of Digital Marketing

Making Sense of Digital Marketing

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing has continued to evolve at a rapid rate with added functionalty, new sophisticated targeting methods and campaign types that can target your customers with much greater accuracy - saving clicks and saving you costs.

At Hyperclicks we have specialised in motor industry Google PPC account management for over 12 years and we serve owner-drivers to large PLC's - every clients needs are different and every client has a bespoke package to ensure the maximum return on investment.

How can Hyperclicks help you?

How can Hyperclicks help you?

By understanding your needs - whilst PPC is a digital platform it is only as good as the people who operate it - its like a digital "tool box", you can have all the tools in the world but they are of little use if you do not know which ones to use and how to use them.

Our expertise within this field has been recognised by Google and we are rated as a PREMIER PARTNER - this is awarded to only the top 3% of Google Agencies in the UK and is based upon performance, benchmarks, training and compliance - assuring that you receive genuine expertise at all times.

Its Time To Review - Free Google Audit

Its Time To Review - Free Google Audit

For a limited time we are offering a FREE GOOGLE AUDIT on your current set-up and performance, via Zoom online meetings to ensure safety and compliance.

The feedback will be provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and allow us to simplify Google marketing so that your strategy can become more targeted to your objectives - we are plain speaking and will not use jargon to baffle you!

What does this involve?

  • Review of current digital strategy
  • Review of current PPC performance
  • Review Google My Business set-up and performance
  • Review syncing of Google platforms ie Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google PPC Account
  • Review Reporting Module ie Google DataStudio Reporting

What will you get back from the audit?

Once we have access to your data, we will analyse the performance and provide you and your team with key recommendations which will include:

  • Areas of improvement and success - what to keep doing and what to change
  • Set-up and syncing of platforms to ensure uniformity of data
  • Reporting modules ie Data Studio Reporting to help you understand the stats

If you want to find out more.....

 Just call Mike on 07812 737246 or Lloyd on 07885 639298 or email below and we will set up a Zoom meeting at a convenient date and time to suit

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