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Remarketing Campaigns

Bring Prospects Back & Convert.

Engage & Track-Back

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads allow you to make your search campaigns even more relevant by allowing you to tailor your search-only campaigns to users who have already been to your site. 

By using your existing audience/AdWords remarketing lists, you can improve your Return On Investment on search campaigns, improve the customisation of your creative and reach more potential conversions. 

Send more qualified consumers text ads about products that they previously viewed on your site, and tailor bids, creatives and keywords to reach or exclude certain consumers

Simple & Effective

Simple & Effective

Flexible & More Specific

Flexible & More Specific

According to some benchmarks, just 2-4% of site visits result in a transaction. But a customer's online path to purchase can involve several related commercial searches and site visits.

In standard search campaigns, your bids, ads and keywords are the same for every search and every searcher. But if you knew which searchers represented higher value prospects, you might want to bid higher, show on broader keywords or present different ads to these customers to improve your results.

Remarketing lists for search ads lets you do just that. You can use your existing remarketing lists to more effectively reach past site visitors so you can get more conversions and potentially better ROI.

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