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Hyperclicks Ltd
75 Cranston Park Avenue
RM14 3XD
Tel: 07812 737246

Questions and Answers

Why choose Hyperclicks?
Hyperclicks have 25 years motor retailing experience, spanning the roller-coaster economies of the 1980's, 1990's and the first decade of the 21st Century. Extensive knowledge of how a dealership runs from top-to-bottom. Mike Carter has operated multi-franchise operations starting from Trainee Sales back in 1983 right upto Dealer Principal. Sales and Aftersales Marketring trained encompassing internet marketing. An early adopter of the internet in the early 1990's, Mike Carter pioneered a launch of the London VX220 website which was the first dealer website collaboration in the UK. His close association with 21st Century Internet started during the 1990's and has led to this business association.
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How much will Hyperclicks services cost?
This will depend very much upon the degree of which you want us to help you. We will have an initial consultation and then agree a plan of action. In our opinion every business has a soul and visiting the business and meeting the people face-to-face is essential to forge a successful relationship. We would then present to you the options and explain the pricing. We can assure you, the costs are low and rewards are high. We do not operate a pressure sale process, we consult and should we not be able to help you we will tell you so. We have been in your position, therefore you will find we have a great understanding of your issues and we will be able to help you.
Do Hyperclicks offer their services to all industries?
Yes, Hyperclicks expertise spans every business, in every town, whether it has a website or not. We specialise in the Motor Industry because we have direct expertise in this field and have an association with 21st Century Internet who are Motor Industry Leading website designers and builders. But we have clients as small as one-man-bands as well as multi-million pound motor delearships. Promoting websites is essential for every business to survive and GROW in the future, of this there is no doubt.
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Can you supply a brand new website rather than updates?
We offer the complete website options via our associated company 21st Centrury Internet. They specialise in the motor industry and can provide relatively basic sites to highly complex - we can offer the total package. All of these options allow for Hyperclicks to update the websites on your behalf and therefore sophisticated Pay-Per-Clicks campaigns can be designed in line with the updates.
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Can you update and promote my current website?
Yes, in the current economic climate we understand that budgets are tight therefore we can offer franchise specific landing pages to allow you to offer for sale pack cars, pre-reg cars, ex-demo cars and overage new vehicle stock. These landing pages would be central in organising successful pay-per-click campaigns and are updatable by Hyperclicks on your behalf.

We can also normally manage other website providers websites on your behalf therefore if you have lost a member of staff who carries out this task at the moment or you want to reduce your head-count then we can take over this role at a fraction of the price of a full time member of staff.
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If I invest in a new website will I have to manage this?
No, thats our job. We will take all the hassle of updating and marketing your website once you have purchased an appropriate website from 21st Century Internet. Until then, we can design Pay-Per-Click campaigns for your current site and provide temporary landing pages to allow successful click-throughs.
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What can I do if my Franchise wont allow other sites?
We can offer websites and landing-pages which will not contravene your manufacturers marketing guidelines. We will design them in a corporate way and should you wish to advertise pack-cars, pre-reg cars or ex-demos, there is nothing that can be done by them as these cars are openly being sold on the internet via Autotrader, Motors.co.uk etc right now. Of course there are new vehicle marketing constraints which will will abide by, but the current serious issues facing most networks are pack-cars, pre-reg cars and ex-demos. We have the solution for these vehicles. Try us, you have very little to lose!
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Will I be locked into a long-term contract?
No, we operate a rolling 3-month contract which can be cancelled at anytime by both parties. 3-months would allow both parties to organise alternatives.
Will I be baffled by website jargon?
No, we talk in simple, plain language so you can be assured that we will not try and blind you with science and that you will understand what we are saying to you. Jargon is banned at Hyperclicks!
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I have tried Pay-Per-Click advertising and it does not work?
Pay-Per-Click advertising can be the quickest way to lose money or the fastest way to make money - it depends upon numerous factors but the key is ensure that whoever manages your account knows what they are doing - its that simple. There are many people who can play a piano but not many can play it very well!. This principle is the same for PPC marketing - we would consult with you, understand your business proposition and design campaigns that focus on one key objective - a return on your investment. We have numerous success stories of how PPC has radically changed the fortunes of businesses and we are happy to share some of this information with you.
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