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Hyperclicks Ltd
75 Cranston Park Avenue
RM14 3XD
Tel: 07812 737246

Measuring PPC Success

How do I know it will work for us?

How will I know if it works? You will get more website visits, more targeted clicks, more return on investment...and we will be able to prove it.

Quality not Quantity

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns will be designed to provide quality clicks, not quantity of clicks. This will save you money and ensure a maximum return on investment.


As part of the Hyperclicks Pay-Per-Click Campaign you will receive detailed monthly reports demonstrating the performance of your Keyword searches, the conversion rates, the costs per click and your daily website traffic. Hyperclicks will then review this with you and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you are gaining maximum exposure to your prospective customers.

How much will it cost?

Every customers requirements are different and we respect this. Call us and we can discuss your potential and we can arrange a meeting to demonstrate how Hyperclicks can help you realise your website potential.
Telephone: 07812 737246
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Northern Motors have now gone live with the latest iAutomotive3 website package from Web21st.
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