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Hyperclicks Ltd
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How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

Millions of customers search the internet every day and over 90% use Google - in fact, the term "I will GOOGLE it" is often used by customers when they wish to gather information or find a business service - its that powerful!

When they search, they enter "Keywords" into the search bar and Google arranges the listings by way of various algorithms and search criteria. These are the free listings and the method used by Google changes on a regular basis therefore it is not always that easy to ensure your site is optimised everyday to remain at the top of the listings. 

Should your website appear outside of the first page of listings your chances of gaining a customer click diminish dramatically.

Latest Google Adwords Upgrade

Google Enhanced Campaigns
In early 2013 Google embarked upon a number of upgrades to ensure that their search marketing stays well ahead of the competition.

People are constantly switching between devices, using the one that works best for where they are and what they are doing. This makes it important for marketers to focus on reaching the right audience in the right context, rather than just targeting a specific device. 

Advertising plans that used to require separate campaigns, like ones that required bidding differently by device or by location, can now be handled in a single enhanced campaign, making it easier to reach users no matter where they are or what device they are on.

These upgrades include:

> Amalgamation of Mobile & Search campaigns
> Ability to set individual budgets and maximum cost per click budgets across all campaigns and devices
> Enable in depth measurement of mobile click-to-call data
> Measure which device was used to search and find your website
> Create multiple SITELINKS for each Adgroup within campaigns to allow more specific links to be added plus have the option to schedule their exposure

With many more benefits included in the upgrade we can now ensure that we deliver the most effective advert and sitelinks to each and every search resulting in increased quality of clicks backed up with more detailed measurement.   

Exposure on Google is Business Critical

In today's economic environment, being visible on search engines and more specifically Google, is becoming vital to your survival. New customers are finding your business through search marketing everyday - using PC's, tablets and critically mobile devices.

Hyperclicks would analyse your business, discuss and agree the keywords your customers are most likely to use, build specific adverts around each set of keywords and agree a geographical spread where you wish to promote your business. This ensures that the clicks you get, are the clicks that you want.
Telephone: 07812 737246
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